Monday, February 23, 2009

Test of New Blog Writing Tool


Windows Live Writer!!??

So, today when I was “forced” to update my Live Messenger, I got a question if I wanted to install Windows Live Writer.

The initial information is that it’s a tool for creating posts (writing in your blog), and that it should work with a lot of different services (not only Microsoft's sites). So, I thought, “lets give it a chance”.

The application is free, and it’s a part of the “Windows Live” suite. You can find the software here:

Windows Live Writer Download Site


You can also find some videos about this tool on YouTube:




Here you can se how it looks:



By inserting the snapshot above, I found out that it’s possible to configure a lot of “extra things” with this tool, compared to the “normal online writer” that Blogger or BlogSpot offers.


There are some nice plug-ins available as well, such as this “map-tool”. This map shows where I spent my last vacation. YES, it was in Cancun!

Map picture


So, now I will try some different fonts:

Trebuchet MS Trebuchet MS
Viner Hand ITC Viner Hand ITC
Edwardian Script ITC Edwardian Script ITC



This seems to be a very handy tool.

What I specially like is the possibility to add new plug-ins and that you can write and preview your posts “offline” and then upload them when you leisure.

That’s all for today.

Maybe with this tool I will be able to update my blog more often in the future :-)

Monday, February 9, 2009

IRELAND : The Wild Wicklow Tour

OK, so Irish music, Irish whiskey, and Irish pubs are really nice, but there is another side to Ireland as well.

The lovely nature.

So, if you go to Ireland, I would REALLY recommend that you take a tour of the country side.

You could of course rent a car, but I don't recommend that option.
On top of that, the roads are very narrow and curvy at times.

So, I recommend that you take one of many bus tours.
Going by bus is really relaxing and you get to see the stuff you went out to see.
(You get straight to the destination without getting lost and without "close encounters" with ditches and the "all popular" low walls and similar nasty things.)

I went with one tour called "Wild Wicklow Tour" (click on the name for more info).

This trip took us out to the "Sally Gap", where you will find mountain lakes, wild heather and barren bog lands.

This is actually the location where they filmed the major part of the movie "Braveheart".

I would not mind to have this "small ranch" as my summer place ;-)

Look at the colors!
It's really amazing.

After this we arrived at Glendalough - a enchanting 6th Century Monastic Settlement.
Walking around in this place really made me feel like I could stretch out and touch history.

I found the many "Celtic crosses" specially interesting.

In Ireland, it is a popular myth that the Celtic Christian cross was introduced by Saint Patrick or possibly Saint Declan during his time converting the pagan Irish. It is believed that Saint Patrick combined the symbol of Christianity with the sun cross, to give pagan followers an idea of the importance of the cross by linking it with the idea of the life-giving properties of the sun.


Celtic Cross, where you can see the characteristic circle merged with the classical cross.

Pretty view trough one of the hedges

After spending some time at Glendalough, we continued on foot to the "Upper Lake".
This was a one hour hike trough some seriously beautiful scenery.

A nice little creek.

I was just waiting for the "old troll" to take a peek at me around the corner of this rock.

And here I have finally reached the "Upper Lake".

Sunday, February 8, 2009

IRELAND (The first photo)

OK, so here is my first trial to get a photo in to my blog.

This specific photo is from Ireland.

I must say that Ireland is one of my favorite countries among the ones I have had the opportunity to visit so far.

I like the climate, even though it can seem a little bit "damp" at times. It's very common with rain and fog, but I don't mind.

I guess my parents "brain-wash" inducing the concept "there is no bad whether, only bad clothes" play big role in my current appreciation of different climates. But to be honest, I prefer when it's not to hot.

The mentioned climate is also what makes Ireland so special, with it's green hills, nice forests, creeks and lakes.

I should also mention that the climate helps to promote one of the other mayor things I like about Ireland: THE PUBS.

Yes, well, there is nothing better than getting in to a warm, friendly and "cosy" pub after a long hike in the chilly mist of Ireland!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Why Not?


This blog is to be seen as an experimental site.
I do this as an attempt to learn a little bit about the technology available for blogs.

However, the best way to learn something new is to apply a "real scenario", and then learn "as you go along".

So, I have picked "traveling" as my experimental subject.

I have done quite a lot of traveling in my days, and I thought I should share some of my experiences and photos with You.

I'm originally from Sweden, but I have spent the major part of my professional life in other countries.

Since English is NOT my mother tongue, I hope you will oversee with possible (and quite probable) spelling and grammatical errors. As long as you "get my meaning", it's good enough for me.
So, please don't harass me with comments on my bad English, OK ;-)