Saturday, March 21, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!

The magic place in the USA!

Yes, this is one place a “real” tourist can’t miss!

Even (the King) Elvis made a movie about this place!

Las Vegas downtown




So, lets forget about the nice nature and the lovely sceneries of Ireland and Finland. Lets get down to the  serious business, the place of “there is no such thing as a free lunch” and “what the heck is the Arc de Triomphe doing in Nevada, USA!”, and the Statue of liberty as well!?





 Arc de Triomphe Las Vegas


Well, if you don’t believe me, here is the picture to prove it. The “Arc de Triomphe” can REALLY be found in Las Vegas! It feels a little bit “odd” to find this land mark in a place where they have never even heard of “escargot” (snails), brie (soft cheese) , and where Brandy is a Very Poor substitute for Cognac. Well, to be honest, if you really want Cognac and the other “real stuff”, this is probably one of the places in the US where you can find it (if you are prepared to PAY for it).




To get back to the earlier statement “there is no such thing as a free lunch”, it’s a truth with some exceptions here in Las Vegas. Since the main means of revenue here is based on gambling, a lot of places offer really good deals on eating. You can get a lunch for close to nothing. This is provided as a means of “luring” people in to the gambling halls. The logic is “well, so what if I offer a really nice shrimp buffet for the price of a Big Mac, if I can get them to spend 200$ in my casino”. But, I don’t think it’s bad. As long as you are aware of the “deal”. To be honest, I have to say that there  are few places I know around the world, where you are completely free to use all this “offers” without commitment. YES, you can get that cheap (and very nice) lunch for close to nothing, without spending a single dime in the casino. That IS NOT so common in other places I have visited! So, “kudos” to Las Vegas for allowing you to make your own choice!

OK, so maybe this article has sounded a little bit “harsh” and negative so far. But if you go to this place, you have to leave all your “references” and previous “real” experiences behind. If you do that, and simply put your mind in to enjoying your trip, it’s a seriously AMAZING place!

It’s beautiful, it’s astonishing and it’s a singular place on Mother Earth!

I mean, where else can you find Paris, Egypt and Captain Crook within 5 blocks?

I think that any of the mayor hotels will be satisfactory to you.

I (in person) have only stayed at the MIRAGE and the VENETIAN my self, but in general, I think that all the mayor hotels has a pretty high standard.


The Mirage Las Vegas

The first time I went to Las Vegas we stayed at The Mirage.The MIRAGE opened in 1989 and had a construction cost of 630 million USD (one of the most expensive at that time). Here we can talk about SERIOUS investments!  The very “special golden look” of this place is actually due to REAL GOLD used in the tinting process of the windows! I mean, what the fu… is that all about! There were rumors that The Mirage had to bring in a million dollars a day to pay off a 7 year construction loan. But, The Mirage did so well that it paid off the complete loan in 18 months! How’s that for a return of  investment? This guys really know what they are doing.

Venetian Lobby

The second time I went to this magic place, we stayed at The Venetian (one of the most expensive construction at the time, again). So, what would you think if you faced this view walking in to the lobby? The Venetian is a Venice-themed hotel that was built on the same place as the remains of the old veneered “Sands Hotel”. Once “Sands Hotel” had been imploded, this Italian Venice inspired place was built in its place. Together with the neighboring Sands Expo Convention Center and The Palazzo Hotel and Casino Resort, the Venetian is a part of the largest hotel and resort complex in the world, with 8,108 hotel rooms and suites! That’s even bigger than the famous MGM Grand!

The Venetian room 1



So, I have to say, this is not your “normal run of the mill hotels”.


Here you have a couple of photos of a “normal room”.




The Venetian room 2




This is from the other end of the room.

I have to say that it’s pretty “tasty”







OK, so that’s how it looked inside a “regular room”. What about the “general areas” of the hotel.


The Venetian common



Here you have a picture of the “common areas” of The Venetian. It’s complete with gondolas that you can actually have a ride in! Yes, this is pretty amazing! The nice blue sky is actually the ceiling of the place! It’s all “indoors”.




The Venetian common 2




Wandering around in the “inner labyrinths” of this hotel, we suddenly came upon this typical Italian Piazza. It’s almost like “the real thing”, with nice little “trattorias” and such. The only thing missing is the insanely honking horns of the Italian traffic.



Caesars Palace 2



If you go to this place, I really recommend you to visit at least one of the “mayor shows”. OK, maybe it can seem a little bit expensive at the time, but, you will really remember it forever. When I was there, I was fortunate to find that one of the modern worlds best artists “Celine Dion” still had her show at Caesars Palace.



Caesars Palace 1





This hotel is well known for having “the best show i Vegas”.









So, to sum this up, if you go to this place without any expectations that the “statue of liberty” or the “Arc de Triomphe “ will actually be “the real thing”, you can have a really impressive and wonderful time! I mean, if you want to see the “real thing”, what are you doing in Vegas? Take it for what it is, and I can assure you that you will really enjoy it.

You can get a lot of good, and comparatively cheep food, a nice tan since some of the hotels has nice outdoor pool areas.

And, you can actually gamble i Las Vegas!

When I was there, I went mainly for the “Black Jack” or “21” as it is called in some other places of the planet. I highly recommend that you look in to the rules and “systems” well before leaving home. I did that for the specific game of “Black Jack”. The systems will teach you what to do, and if you just follow the rules (you need to apply some serious self-discipline here), you will not loose to much. My wife and I, were able to win about 150 USD during a one night of “Black Jack” at one of the “lowest bet” places (one USD minimum). I liked it a lot, because you get some excitement, and at a lot of the places you get free booze when you play! So, for me, that is a clear “winner” no matter if you loose or win!

Well, that’s all for today.

But, please stay tuned:

The next post will be about a tour we took from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon!

This will include wild excitement in small prop-planes and helicopters!


  1. Hmm, not so bad!

  2. I won in LV 260$ with only $20 to spend....not bad either, right? :))

    Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog. I'm glad you've enjoyed Vegas the same I did. It was my 4th visit in this town - and for sure not the last one! :)
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